Black Jack Two

The Basic History of Blackjack

When most people are asked to list the top three casino games, this is listed on the top casino games, most of them will mention blackjack. For decades, blackjack has captivated players and is sometimes even the topic of controversy, especially when it comes to calling it a game of luck or having a discussion about card counting.

Growing Popularity

Though the exact place of blackjack's origin is unknown, it started to become very popular in Europe, America and South America in the early 1900s. This is casino card game thought to be because players realized that there was quite a bit of strategy behind the game and that by changing the way they played, they could earn quite a profit. Strategies were developed, books were authored and blackjack tables found their way into most of the major casinos around the world.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas has long been known as a gambling hub for the entire world, and blackjack really took off here in the 1930s as players looked to improve their situations--particularly after being affected by the Great Depression. After all, gambling was restricted prior to this time frame and many consumers were happy just to see it return to legal status. Once the Depression was over, online blackjack began attracting more and more people and was often said to be the first real 'gold' rush of its type.

Online Blackjack

Home computers really gained popularity during the 1980s and people all over the world purchased games strategies that could be played from home. Though some of these included gambling games, the software used to create them was limited and simple and the gameplay lacked realism. This all changed in the 1990s, however, when internet access finally became affordable for everyday consumers. After it took off, developers like Microgaming and others began to create the world's best blackjack applications.

Understanding how blackjack became so popular may not help players betting systems win more frequently, but it will definitely help them have a better understanding of one of the world's most loved games.