Black Jack Two

Playing Extreme Online Blackjack

As if blackjack blackjacktwo.comwas not exciting enough on its own, some online casinos offer a variant known as Extreme Online Blackjack that combines blackjack and poker for even more fun.

How it is Played

Extreme Online Blackjack an online casino is played on a poker table and each player takes turns taking the role of the dealer. The dealer accepts all player bets and must pay out all of the winners accordingly from his or her own bankroll. As such, the dealer has certain privileges that are generally not found in any other setting. Everyone must bet before the game begins and the first bet is known as a blind, similarly to poker. The maximum bet is three times the amount of the original bet.

Dealing and Gameplay

Similar to blackjack, whoever is playing the role of the dealer must then deal two cards to each player, one face-up and the other face-down. The players typical game of blackjack then place another bet, check or fold. After this round, players then progress through hitting or standing until they are satisfied with their cards. After another round of bets, the players compare cards and the winners are paid out per the standard rules of blackjack.


Extreme Online Blackjack is still not found in many online casinos, but those that offer it boast huge numbers of patrons during the tournaments. Some bricks-and-mortar establishments also offer Extreme Blackjack during certain times of the day, but these are relatively rare. Players who want an opportunity to try out the game may find some variation of it available for free online.

Blackjack comes in dozens of variations rules of the game from the extremely simple to the complicated. Extreme Online Blackjack follows the standard rules of the game with the exceptions of betting rounds during strategic intervals.