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Online Blackjack Probabilities

Blackjack probabilities dictate a player's chances of winning any given hand based upon their own cards and those held by the dealer. Understanding these probabilities will help players make better decisions during gameplay.

What are Probabilities?

Probabilities are nothing more than a set of mathematical principles that dictate a player's odds of winning a hand of blackjack based upon all of the cards in play. While there are plenty of strategy charts that are designed to help players make better decisions based upon probabilities, card counting is the best way to do this. Essentially, card counters can determine the likelihood of completing a certain hand based upon the cards that have already been played.

Understanding House Edge

Players online casino must understand that the dealer will always have a better shot at winning because this is how the game is designed. There are several tactics that players can use to overcome this house edge, but none work so well as counting cards. Since card counting is frowned upon and even illegal in some areas--and it does not work very well in online venues--players may resort to trusted strategy charts, instead.

Important Probabilities and Information

While the best hand in the game is a natural blackjack--or a two-card score of 21--the odds of completing this hand are very slim at only 4.8%. The probability of building a different hand close to 21 is much higher, however. Also, with the perfect use of a strategy chart, players can reduce the house edge in blackjack to as low as 0.5% which is the lowest of any other casino game out there. Remember that when the dealer is showing a five or below it is favorable for the player and when the dealer shows nine or more this is advantageous for the dealer.

When playing blackjack, players should use basic strategies that pertain to odds and probabilities in order to reduce the house edge by as much as possible. This will help players win more games and play with more confidence.