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Live Gaming in Online Casinos

Due to the sheer popularity of online gambling and the reluctance of avid gamers to participate in online card games, many online casinos have introduced live gaming in the form of blackjack, baccarat and even roulette.

The Real Casino Effect

The primary reason why people enjoy live gaming in online casinos strategies is that it closely mimics the action of real-life without making a trip to a real casino. People can log on to their accounts from the comforts of home while in their pajamas at three in the morning and still enjoy all of the excitement that comes from a real casino game. There are no crowds, no smoke and no intoxicated people milling around looking for someone to talk to.


The first casino card game that was introduced with a live dealer was blackjack, and this was done for good reason. For years, players had been complaining about the lack of fairness provided by random number generators and the like, though it is suspected that the lack of card counting capabilities was the real reason. After the game was introduced, people who would have never ventured into an online blackjack room found themselves right at home.

The Layout

Most of the live gaming in online casinos and online blackjack is brought to players via a video feed, meaning that the clarity of the picture will vary based upon the player's internet speed and the capacity of the host's server. Since some players will not be able to see the cards or wheel clearly, a simulated version of the events usually takes up the majority of the screen. The dealer's video feed is located toward the top of the screen and the user options are located near the bottom.

In general, live dealer games are just the next step in ensuring that players are able to enjoy the real casino experience from the comfort of home. They show that technology continues to get better and that people can always expect new things from their favorite online venues.