Black Jack Two

Finding Online Blackjack Strategies

Although blackjack is considered a game of luck by many, there are those who swear by strategies and use them during each and every hand. Finding the best online blackjack strategies is often as simple as performing an internet search, as long as players know what they are looking for.

Strategy Charts

The most commonly used blackjack variations strategies by amateurs and pros alike are strategy charts. These are usually written down or printed out on a piece of paper and used while playing free online games in order to memorize them. Some of the strategies included in these charts help players understand when to stand, hit, double down, split, take insurance bets or surrender their hands. There are specific strategies for different variations of the game, as well.

Betting Strategies

Betting strategies are designed to help players poker table better manage their money. They will not tell players what decisions to make based upon the cards in their hand, but they will help players decide how much to wager based upon their past playing history. Most of these involve some sort of progression; this means that players will increase or reduce their bets incrementally after wins or losses. There are dozens of these from which to choose, though some are meant solely for high-rollers.

Card Counting

Card counting bonus is the most mathematically sound blackjack strategy out there and there are several ways to do it. Some of these strategies are relatively simple and only require the player to keep track of one set of numbers, while others are more complicated and players must keep a running total of the cards in the discard pile as well as those that are still remaining in the deck. Players who wish to learn and employ this strategy should do so carefully as it has frowned upon an almost every gambling establishment.

Strategy charts, betting strategies and card counting techniques are all different strategy categories of which players must remain aware. Each one has a purpose and can certainly help when used correctly.