Black Jack Two

Blackjack Odds Chart

Blackjack is a casino card game that combines the element of chance with skill. Players cannot control the cards they are dealt, but they can control how they choose to play them. The following charts will help players make informed decisions regarding the cards in their hands.

Going Bust

The first thing that players are often concerned with is the probability of busting. New players online casino especially have trouble determining when to hit and when to stand. The following chart provides the odds of busting when a player chooses to hit on a certain hand total.

Hand Value ---- Chance of Busting on a Hit
21 ---- 100%
20 ---- 92%
19 ---- 85%
18 ---- 77%
17 ---- 69%
16 ---- 62%
15 ---- 58%
14 ---- 56%
13 ---- 39%
12 ---- 31%
11 or Less ---- 0%

Understanding when a bust is more likely can help players determine when to hit and when to stand. They must remember that the dealer's up-card should also play into this. If the dealer is showing a 10, an Ace or a face card, the player may want to play more aggressively.

Hand Types

Another thing that will help players make good decisions when playing blackjack poker table is understanding the probability of receiving a certain hand total. The chart below depicts this, and the odds of receiving a hand are the same for the player as they are for the dealer.

Hand Total ---- % of the Time the Total will Occur
Natural 21 ---- 4.8%
Hard Standing (17-20) ---- 30.0%
Decision Hands (1-16) ---- 38.7%
No Bust ---- 26.5%
TOTAL ---- 100.0%

It is quite evident casino games that decision hands are the most commonly dealt to both the player and the dealer. By remembering these probabilities, players can more easily determine what type of decision to make based upon the cards in their hands.

These two charts are very important to blackjack and players should memorize them before visiting a land-based casino betting systems in order to get the best results. When playing online, players can simply print them out or write them down and refer to them as needed.